Some Penny Stories
We hear of stories all the time where some disgruntled person tries to pay off some debt using only pennies. As I hear about them, I will report them here. Perhaps with all these stories, the full weight of how rediculous it is to continue to keep this coin in circulation will become clear.

Jason West of Vernal Utah (2011), upon being told that the hospital accepted cash, dumped 2,500 pennies on the counter to settle a disputed $25 hospital bill. The incident caused quite a commotion causing the hospital to file police report for disorderly conduct against him.

Thirry Chahez of California (2011) was upset at his bank and attempted to pay off a $6,500 credit card debt with 650,000 pennies.

Unidentified man in Denver (2008) tried to pay for gas with sack full of pennies because ATM was busy. Diamond Shamrock Gas Station Clerk called police, man takes off.

Ron England having a great deal of difficulty getting rid of 1 million pennies (USA Today, 2004).

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