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(U.S. Residents ONLY)

Sign the petition by January, 31th 2020

By signing this petition, I show my support for the discontinuation of the penny coin in the United States.

About this petition:
php Through this petition signature, I pledge my support for PennyFreeBiz.com to approach our law makers in the U.S. Government with our petition to show them how much we, the voters, would like to have this coin removed from our currency ... and ... I also pledge my intention to speak to merchants in my community, whenever possible, to help them become aware of how the penny coin is no longer a coin that the U.S. government should continue to mint and ask them to consider voluntarily elminating the penny from their cash drawers as support of this grass roots effort.

Jim, Turner,CO days ago     
Steven Sanderson,FL1 year ago     The nickel needs to go as well, or at least be made more cheaply.
* Anonymous *,TX2 years ago     
Patricia Thompson,MI2 years ago     
Roland Foss,CA3 years ago     Mission market in southern california is now a penny- free biz!
Felix Yang,MA3 years ago     I love the penny! i collect it!

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