"Get Rid Of The Penny"

New Idioms and New Lexicon

With the inevitable removal of the penny, we are envisioning the day when our cultural expressions and idioms will also change; a day where the following changes will be realized and common in our language.

Nickel Ante: (obsolete: penny ante)
Something that is very unimportant, cheap or insignificant will be Nickel Ante.
"That's nickel ante stuff"

Nickel Pincher: (obsolete: penny pincher)
A nickel pincher will be a mean person or who is very frugal.
"He's a nickel pincher"

Ten a Nickel: (obsolete: ten a penny)
If something that is ten to a Nickel, it will be very common.
"Those widgets are ten a nickel."

Nickel-wise, pound-foolish: (obsolete: penny-wise, pound-foolish)
Someone who is nickel wise and pound foolish will be very careful or mean with small amounts of money, yet wasteful and extravagant with large sums.
"She's nickel wise and pound foolish."

Spend a Nickel: (obsolete: spend a penny)
This a euphemistic idiom meaning to go to the toilet.
"I have to go spend a nickel."

A Pretty Nickel: (obsolete: a pretty penny)
If something costs a pretty nickel, it will be very expensive.
"That car is worth a pretty nickel."

Shines up like a new Nickel: (obsolete: shines up like a new penny)
Someone is not very clean, but give them a good bath and new clothes and they look great.
"Wow, that dirtly old boy shined up like a new nickel."
... of course that was a really old expression when a penny was actually worth something.

A Nickel For Your Thoughts: (obsolete: a penny for your thoughts)
This idiom will be used as a way of asking someone what they are thinking about.
"I'll give you a nickel for your thoughts."

The Nickel Dropped: (obsolete: a penny dropped)
When the nickel drops, someone will finally understand something that everyone else has long understood.
"Ohhh, I get it (the nickel just dropped)."

Nickels From Heaven: (obsolete: Pennies From Heavan)
When someone receives good fortune in the form of money they were not expecting.
"It was like Nickels from heaven."

A Nickel Save is a Nickel Earned: (obsolete: a penny saved is a penny earned)
This will mean that we shouldn't spend or waste money, but try to save it.
"My son, take my advise.. A nickel saved is a nickel earned."

Turn up like a Bad Nickel: (obsolete: turn up like a bad penny)
If someone turns up like a bad nickel, they will go somewhere they are not wanted.
"Like a bad nickel, he keeps turning up everywhere I go."

In for a Nickel, In for a Pound: (obsolete: in for penny, in for a pound)
If something is worth doing, then it is a case of in for a nickel, in for a pound. Meaning, that when gambling or taking a chance, you might as well go the whole way and take all of the risks, not just some.
"Oh well, I'm sold, in for a nickel, in for a pound."

Put in Your five cents: (obsolete: put in your two cents worth)
If you have something to say about a topic or subject, you will be able to put in your two nickels.
"Bob, put in your five cents worth. Give us your thoughts"

Not Worth One Silver 5 Cent Piece: (obsolete: not worth one red cent)
When something is worthless, it will be not worth one silver nickel.
"It's not worth one silver 5 cent piece."

Cut Someone Off Without A Nickel: (obsolete: cut someone off without a penny)
When someone is cut out of a person's will without any money.
"Bob's father died and cut him out of the will without a nickel."

I Felt Like a Nickel Waiting for a Change: (obsolete: I felt like a penny waiting for a change)
When someone feels worthless or helpless.
"When I lost the race, I felt like a nickel waiting for change."

Not Having Two Nickels to Rub Together: (In Use already)
Being very poor.
"She's been out of work for months and doesn't have two nickels to rub together."

I'm wearing my Nickel Loafers: (obsolete: I'm wearing my penny loafers)
"Cost of advertising your availability has gone up, now you should wear nickel loafers."

Look to the Nickel Press for cheap news: (obsolete: People always look to the penny press for their cheap news)
"Cost of publishing has gone up, now we look to the nickel press."

Dimed and quartered: (obsolete: nickel and dimed)
"I kept getting dimed and quartered to death."

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