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Screen Name: ~KMGC~
Title: "Change the whole monetary system"
"Given accumulated inflation, I think we should go from cent based, 1¢ = $1/100, to disme based, 1đ = $1/10 (where the "?", "stroked d", symbol = "đ" or "đ"), get rid of the penny, nickel and quarter, create the US florin, 20¢ piece, and define and reemphasize the 50¢ piece as the US crown. So rather than the 1¢ (penny), 5¢ (nickel), 10¢ (dime), 25¢ (quarter) and 50¢ (half-dollar), there would be the 1đ (disme), 2đ (florin) and 5đ (crown).

(symbol and names just a suggestion)

Thus, prices could be defined in tenths, rather than hundreds, in most cases (financially sensitive transactions that require $.01, $.001 or even $.0001 resolution, can certainly continue to do so). I mean, really, other than pricing gimmickry ("...now only $3.99!"), how often do you see something for 57¢ or 72¢? -- it is most likely for 59¢ or 79¢, which, when it is all added up at the end of the year, could just as practically be priced at 6? (6 dismes) and 8? (8 dismes)! What do you think?" "

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